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Open Hours of Company Mon - Fri: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm
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ServicesCustom Software
Development Services

Website & Web App Development Services
Fayanka Tech’s Web Development services enco
Professional IT Consulting
At our company, we offer comprehensive IT Consulti
UI/UX Design
At Fayanka Tech, we take pride in offering top-not
Mobile Application Development
Fayanka Mobile App Development stands out as an id
Project Management Services
FayankaTech offers comprehensive Project Managemen
Professional Search Engine Optimization Services
FayankaTech offers comprehensive SEO services that
DevOps – Development & Operations Services
At FayankaTech, we offer comprehensive DevOps serv
Data Security
Fayanka Tech takes data security with the utmost s

What we doIT Development from Conception to Delivery

Fayanka Tech product development involves close collaboration with clients to ensure a unique and personalized end result. This approach allows for greater flexibility, innovation, and attention to detail to address individual needs effectively.

At Fayanka Tech, web and mobile apps are custom-built applications crafted to cater to the unique needs and goals of individual businesses or users. This tailored approach ensures optimized functionality, user experience, and scalability, providing a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Our secure and robust Enterprise IT Services & Outsourcing offer comprehensive and reliable technology solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of large-scale businesses. With a focus on data protection, efficiency, and flexibility, these services empower enterprises to streamline operations and leverage external expertise for enhanced productivity and growth.

FayankaTech IT Consultancy Services

StepsWhat We Do
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Business Processes Optimization

Expanding to national and international markets with e-commerce solutions.

Industry Standards Compliance

Expanding to national and international markets with e-commerce solutions.

Software Support & Maintenance

Expanding to national and international markets with e-commerce solutions.

Custom Software Solutions

Expanding to national and international markets with e-commerce solutions.

AboutWe Do Design, Code
& Develop your Business

“We craft, code, and cultivate your business through innovative design and development solutions.”

Contact us and let’s explore how our expert team can tailor custom software solutions to empower your business growth and efficiency, turning your unique vision into reality.

Fayanka Tech's biggest concern when choosing a technology is how it fits our customer's needs.

Our customers' time is their money, so completing every project on time is one of company`s biggest priorities.

We promise that we never have any commercial incentive while choosing a technology or approach, we base our decision only.

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